​Select from the stallholders below to shop directly for your favourite products, or contact them to find out when they'll next be attending our market.

Leighgrove Olives

Leighgrove Olives is a 4500-tree olive grove dedicated to the production of the finest quality, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Established, owned and operated by Yvonne and Grant White, Leighgrove Olives has been an enthusiastic, regular stallholder with us for many years.

Leighgrove Olives produces the finest oils that are delicious and memorable. Offered in a choice of exquisitely crafted flavours that suit differing tastes and culinary uses, Leighgrove olive oils complement all kinds of cooking (and can make your meal so much tastier).  Fresh olives, soaps and dukkah are also available. 


Call Yvonne on 0408109460 or contact us via the link below.

Stir Crazy

Stir Crazy is small-batch quality produce, specialising in a range of citrus cordials, crackers and oatcakes. Embracing local produce and showcasing small Victorian producers, our products stand apart from the crowd. Enjoy the citrus cordials with fresh mint, ice and soda, or splash into your gin and tonic or Prosecco!  Jazz up your cheeseboard with delicious crispy crackers and oatcakes and taste the difference.

Jennings Honey

We are Ian and Liz, small-scale beekeepers from Inverleigh, keeping bees for over 25 years.
We are passionate about producing the finest tasting table honey, and dedicated to selling only what our bees produce. Depending on seasonal conditions, our bees will work the eucalypt forests from the coast, Grampians and central Victoria, producing the best honey there is. Contact us below for prices and delivery options.

Red Home Pantry

Red Home Pantry grew from my love of giving others the chance to experience traditional and unique flavour combinations in preserves, with no artificial colours or preservatives.  Some fruit is from our orchard but the majority of produce is sourced directly from growers. Relishes, chutneys, sauces, jams, marmalades and jellies are delicious additions to your meals. The cheese platter is catered for with paste and my sought-after Capsicum Jam. My recent passion is The Picklery, with pickled vegetables adding a WOW to your antipasto platter, salads or just eaten straight out of the jar! Share my passion. 

Email us for a full list of preserves and delivery options.

Adelia Fine Foods

Adam and Amelia (Adelia) share the vision to produce a delicious range of hand-made products using organic and natural ingredients. They love experimenting with new flavour combinations and take inspiration from the world around them. Based on the Bellarine Peninsula, Adelia believes in unique, flavoursome food and would love for you to share their passion.

Options available for gluten-free, vegan, paleo, keto, low-sugar, fruit-free and fructose-friendly.


Bellarine Brownie Company

The most delicious handcrafted brownies, blondies and rocky road you will ever taste!

All products are gluten free and are made with Belgian couverture chocolate.

Options for dairy-free, egg-free, no added nuts, vegan.

Leaf Tea

Created in 2002 to bring high quality, small-batch loose leaf teas and organic hand–crafted herbals that are beautiful in taste & beneficial in health, to the Greater Geelong, Surf Coast & surrounding areas.  Our original healing organic herbals are hand blended, working with a traditional herbalist.  These infusions are by far our most popular of all teas. There is an ever-growing demand for caffeine-free health benefiting teas, and we have many delightful blends from which to choose. 


We also offer many gift boxes and tea accessories to choose from, uniquely hand-packed here in Geelong.

The Chilli Crew

The Chilli Crew are dedicated chilli heads who love all things chilli, from watching chillies grow in the garden, to cooking culinary delights to share with family and friends. 

Based in Torquay, we have created a range of slowly fermented, small-batch hot sauces using fresh Australian ingredients. Our sauces are 100% natural, preservative and gluten-free and are deliciously good.

Gourmet Morsels - Blended Spices and Dukkahs

Love your food?  We offer you: sealed packets of blended spices and dukkahs;  gluten-free products;  vegetarian and vegan friendly;  several fructose intolerant packets;  delicious recipes on every packet;  quick easy meals;  multiple meals from every packet;  rubs for all meats, poultry and fish. Sprinkle on veggies, noodles, pasta and rice.  Free from additives and MSG.

Corporal Freddies

The most delicious and versatile Worcestershire Sauce, Corporal Freddies offers a unique blend of traditional ingredients. The original family recipe dates back to 1946 and has been handed down three generations, now made by Freddie's grandson, Mike (and his wife Keri). Our sauce remains true to tradition and offers; no preservatives, no artificial flavours, vegan-friendly, naturally thick and made in small batches in Geelong with quality local ingredients. Proudly sharing our family tradition.

Fine Form Foods

Fine Form Foods is a small local producer using tried and tested recipes handed down over generations to create some of the best produce in the Geelong and western districts regions.

Our focus is on small-batch production of first-class quality pickles, relishes, jams and chutneys, a well as sauces and apple cider vinegar.

FATV Jerky

FATV Jerky is proudly made in Geelong from 100% Australian products, closely resembling an authentic family recipe from the birthplace of Jerky … the ancient INCAS of Peru.

The Curious Cabinet

The Curious Cabinet welcomes you into a world of antique recipes and curious delights. Unlock your curiosity and step inside.

ELIXERS & MIXERS FOR SODA & COCKTAILS - The Curious Cabinet Shrub Syrups bring to life flavours that will transform your drinks. Based on recipes from the old world, these elixirs blend the sweetness of fruit with the kick of apple cider vinegar.

CURIOUSLY DELICIOUS PRESERVES - We make an intriguing range of preserves using the fruit left over after making our syrups. It’s a Win – Win! Less waste and twice as much deliciousness.